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 White water recycling treatment options


  Under the circumstances to provide your company requirements are as follows: treatment by mesh and felt out of the wash water network, filter out impurities in the Whitewater wash mesh used, thereby saving water and energy conservation. Recommend scouring cloth with water or, more secure. Our Whitewater sieve it available treatment (detailed process flow, see drawings), to remove impurities in the back with white water, saving water, energy saving.

  Model quotation we choose WL-g800-4S Whitewater sieve, using 250 mesh, 61 micron aperture processing capacity of about 250-300 tons / hour.

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  Equipment Figure

  Whitewater Filter Profile


  Xuridong mechanical Whitewater sieve for solid-liquid separation . It uses high velocity , centrifugal filter to remove fine mesh sieve pore diameter larger than particulates , are not affected by the particle density. Into a single machine head is 3.048 m . After the water reaches the level of the center of the cloth into the water pipe , and then sprayed through a nozzle in a direction tangential to the inner surface of the rotating screen to form a series of overlapping film . Low enough centrifugal force generated by rotation of the screen at a high flow rate through the white water closure screen and fibers. Closure concentrate slipped along the inner wall of the screen . Continuous rotation of the centrifugal screen , high water pressure , angle of rotation of the screen along the external spray can help concentrate rinse slide . Screen rotation angle along the outside of the spray rinse several times per second , in addition to assisting concentrate slipped , but also as a high-pressure backwash water to clean each sieve . Can replace the sun East Whitewater Whitewater sieve processing machinery backwash water as water . Screen speed and the speed of the water spray nozzles combined make Xuridong mechanical closure Whitewater sieve sieve pore size less than some of the particles . So as to achieve the white water recycling, saving water , improve quality and reduce costs.


  Whitewater usually Xuridong mechanical sieve structure material is 316 or 304 stainless steel , stainless steel internally .

  Xuridong sieve size range of 100-325 mechanical sieve Whitewater . Specific number depends on the fiber length and Whitewater Whitewater requirements for reuse . Usually made ​​of stainless steel mesh , but the selection of the synthetic material .

  Retention rate

  Whitewater Xuridong mechanical sieve has two exits , one for the filtered white water discharge , a discharge entrapped fibers or said concentrate. Closure rate is defined as the amount of white water and filtered concentrate ratio . For example , 90/ 10 that enter the SWECO ® Whitewater Whitewater sieve in an amount of 90 % of the filtrate , 10% of the concentrate . Depending on the kind and amount of retention mesh sieve and suspended solids in the white water of the selected change . Low fiber concentration (50-300ppm) when the retention rate of 90/10 - 95/ 5 . Fiber concentration increases, increasing the proportion of the concentrate . Coarse sieve concentrate produced less than a fine sieve . The concentrate may be diluted to a slurry for white water system .


  Xuridong mechanical Whitewater screen in many ways , such as areas of energy , water, fiber, chemicals and sewage treatment can reduce costs and improve product materials will . In addition to reducing maintenance downtime resulting in reduced production losses, largely the result of cost reduction that is shorter payback period , in fact , many users can be purchased only half Xuridong mechanical sieve Whitewater cost recovery .

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  Xuridong mechanical application engineers will help you analyze your Whitewater , understand the requirements of your entire system , designed for your best solution. Problems encountered when running , they will be ready to serve you.


  A , WL-g800-4S device main technical parameters:




  Precision high flow filter Whitewater

Brand: Ke Kenda

Standard sieve size(mm


The required number of plate sieve

Cleaning spray water flow l / min

Motor Power KW

Weight Kg

Operating Weight


Total height





机体直径Body diameter



Big mouth




Big mouth




Fluid out


















Two, WL-g800-4S structures: 1, white water into the filter tube to the nozzle; 2, nine-sided cage is rotated counterclockwise filter Whitewater 3, ultra-pure water outlet; 4, concentrates slipped to the outlet; 5. back backwash spray device.

Nine sided cage is rotating counterclockwise


Back spray pipe ( backwash water pipes ) , backwash water pressure in the pressure of 7 to 13.5 kg ( 10 kg for the best )




The treated concentrate ( mainly containing a filler \ fibers, etc. )


Inlet pipe ( to be processed into white water from here ), 4.0 ~ 4.5m high water tank


Three , WL-g800-6S Whitewater filter main features


1, the water used in the pulping process , to provide the quality of the pulp.


2, the closed-loop system, to achieve energy savings , fiber recycling ; reduce emissions ; improve machine operating temperature increased production .


3 , a single machine maximum processing capacity of 700m3 / h.


4 , without affecting the normal processing of water fluctuations.


5 , do not plug design .


6 , high solids removal .


7 , low maintenance .


Fourth, the principle and function WL-g800-6S white water filtration machines


Whitewater large flow filter for solid-liquid separation , which uses high-flow , centrifugal filter to remove fine mesh sieve pore diameter larger than the suspended particles , is not affected by the particle density. Water pressure at high flow filter Whitewater probably 0.25 to 0.6 kg or 4.0 ~ 4.5m high box can be. Influent passes through the center pipe into the water reaches the level of the cloth , then sprayed through a nozzle in a tangential direction to rotate the screen on the inner surface, forming a series of overlapping film , low enough centrifugal force generated by rotation of the screen at a high flow rate through the white water trapped under the screen and the fibers slide along the concentrate entrapped inside the screen . continuous rotation of the screen centrifugal , high pressure water , the concentrate itself, gravity , external rotary screen ( back spray pipe , the back pressure of 7 to spray pressure of 13.5 kg ) in a certain spray angle of the washing water can help concentrate fall.


External rotation of the screen along the spray angle is always carried out , not only can help slide the concentrate , but also as a high-pressure cleaning backwash water always makes each mesh sieve Whitewater Whitewater large flow precision can be replaced with water after the treatment used as the backwash water.


Screen speed and the speed of the water spray nozzles combine to make the large flow of precision Whitewater filter mesh aperture diameter larger than a lot of trapped particles and fibers , although not specifically for drying mesh aperture sieve to remove fibers and less than filler, but due to the rotation filters and screens inside and outside the spray machines are tangential way , so the screen can still be smaller than the screen size of the aperture closure of some particles , they still have some for removal , Whitewater thus treated can be safely used for a variety of these spray ( high / medium / low ) , does not cause clogging of the nozzle clogging and other aspects .


After a great deal of water flow precision Whitewater again be used, greatly reducing the mill 's water supply , reducing the consumption of water , but also reduce the discharge of wastewater .


Five , WL-g800-4S white water filter installation diagram


  WL-g800-4S White Water Filter Performance Guarantee

  1 , out of the flotation tank Whitewater Whitewater screen after processing ( removal of dark-colored impurities contained in the white water ) used in the pulp , to improve the quality of the pulp.

  2 , flotation tank out of the Whitewater Whitewater sieve after treatment ( removal of black impurities contained in Whitewater ) for vacuum -sealed after circulation , help to conserve water and improve the overall performance of the vacuum pump and reduce maintenance costs.

  3 , the entire machine housing is made ​​of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel mesh ( driver , instrumentation, except seals ) . Specific acid is high.

  4 , the shelf life of mechanical equipment is: After installing the official running the factory for 12 months or 18 months .

  5 , the device uses SEW motors and gear boxes.

  VII. Service undertaking

  Since its establishment has always been done to perform professional services to meet customer requirements, adhere to rely on professionals to take the professional road operations , after years of hard work in the paper, chemical and other fields successfully opened up the market and get the trust of customers , the company will "harmony and win-win " values, unity and hard work , pioneering spirit, the majority of users to become the first provider in constant self-improvement to better serve customers, contribute to the community .

  A. equipment quality guarantee period is one year . Warranty period from the start date of acceptance calculations, non- warranty period as a result of improper operation or non-human factors of spare parts and equipment to be replaced by the supplier is responsible for warranty replacement.

  After receiving the fax service procurement notice in writing side , the need to respond within eight hours , within 24 hours of professional service personnel arrived at the scene to repair .

  B. After the warranty service requirements :

  At the end of the warranty period , the supplier of the equipment when necessary periodic maintenance and repair , equipment failure , if any , timely response and provide preferential services , cost of replacement parts when received parts only .

  A. The Company has a service management department is responsible to provide customers with a full range of services.

  2 Service Management Department designated persons responsible for receiving customer information , registration, analysis, recovery, treatment, visit , summary filing and feedback , handling customer complaints , return, replacement and legacy issues , guide customers the proper use and maintenance, tracking service , the understanding of customer satisfaction, in time for the "three guarantees" within and outside the collar hair pieces .

  C. Force service management customer service has strict limit handling requirements :

  1 analysis of customer information , processing within 12 hours respond to customer requirements .

  (2) to have the ability to troubleshoot the device and troubleshoot their own customers need replacement parts provided by our company , if the company stock , finished in 2 hours handle collar piece , hair pieces matters ; If there is no inventory in the first time with the original The fastest way to contact the manufacturer to the sender .

  3 customers using the product does not require service personnel during the normal use of home repair , service personnel dispatched within 24 hours , the fault does not exclude , maintenance personnel shall be evacuated.

  4 . Responsible for the quality of service out of service personnel , the attitude supervision , assessment.

  D. service content :

  1 . Equipment "Three Guarantees" , three bags for a period of self- installation, commissioning, equipment acceptance of one year from the date of signature .

  2 quality problems during the warranty period free maintenance equipment , spare parts provided free of charge ( service with a written record of the buyer to confirm ) , still does not work properly after the repair , replacement or return . ( Excluding customer caused the failure )

  3 . Outside "three guarantees" period , the implementation of cost service equipment , preferential prices increased accessories.


  4 complete accessories, along with spare parts at cost price to the user .

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